Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Convert RPC/encoded WSDL into a Document/literal Wrapped WSDL

In Sri Lanka every engineering graduate has to under go six months of industrial training at an engineering firm in order to fulfill the requirements of the degree programe. I had the oppertunity of joining WSO2 which is a one of the leading software companies in Sri Lanka. They develop middleware for web services. Other thing about WSO2 is that all of their products are open source. It was a great learning experience and I am sure experience I gathered during my training will help me immensly in my future career as a software engineer. I thank WSO2 for providing me the training oppertunity. After the training I am more keen on open source projects.

During the training I had to convert a RPC/encoded WSDL into a Document/Literal WSDL. I wrote an article how to do that and published in the WSO2 community portal. Here is the link.