Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Garu Emathituma ! ගරු ඈමතිතුමා

In my opinion Sanath is hitting below the belt by deciding continue to play cricket while contesting in the election. This move is really disastrous to Sri Lankan Cricket. First time in the history, game loved by all Sri Lankans is politicized. In my opinion is Sanath is the most selfish cricketer ever to play for Sri Lanka. After playing 20 years why can't he make up his mind to retire gracefully and give chances to talented youngsters. Adding salt to the wound he is not consistence at all these days. If he played for an another country he must have dropped long time ago. Knowing Sanath I think he will try to play in the 2015 world cup too. He will be an automatic choice for the team cause he has political backing. Selectors will be powerless. Sad state of affairs. Who is to be blamed.? Sanath or politics.?

Two Cool Mobile Applications

Two of the most impressive mobile applications I am using these days.

1.) ebuddy - It enables chat messaging from phone. Currently it has support for FACEBOOK , GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, MYSPACE, ICQ

2.) snaptu - They say snaptu is the fastest facebook mobile application. In additions to facebook it has support for twitter, Picasa, Cricinfo and many more.